IOT, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

One of our major goal in DAERobotics is to greatly enhance the current state of IOT, Robotics and Artificial intelligence.

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Contribute to the progress of our project. Even a small donation will make a huge difference. Little steps over time makes the world a better place!!!

Different Schools, Different Teams, One Winner !. Become the champion at this year’s DPASTRO olympiad themed – “A Journey on Planet Mars”


Our CSVSB 2024 Portal for Stream I  is opened from Jan 10th to Apr 27th. Stream I aims at issuing Micro grants to over 500 small business owners within several communities.

Lifting Others

At the DAEROBOTICS FOUNDATION, it is all about helping others rise and giving back to the society…


Preparation to launch our DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY with a 25% discount for the first 25 people.

Secondary school STEM education

Daerobotics Events


We make and develop our products using carefully selected state of art software, hardware and electronic devices


As it is, RoboRoselyn is a little but powerful robot but much more power could be gotten when multiple numbers of her are deployed to embark on a mission…


About DAERobotics

DAERobotics (Department for Automation, Engineering and Robotics) a robotics research and development organization that was originally founded in order to develop solutions to most of the problems encountered in the agricultural sector using the concept of smart agriculture and robotics but later we expanded our area of focus to not only providing solutions to the problems encountered in the agricultural sector…