About Project RoboRoselyn

About RoboRoselyn

RoboRoselyn, a robot that got her name from coining the two words “Robot” and “Roseline” is a prototype robot whose usefulness is targeted towards the defense department (military) in certain areas most especially the area of Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). On the basics, Roselyn is a 5 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) robotic arm on wheels, but due to her mission critical area of specialization, she has being equipped and will be equipped with more sophisticated apparatus both on a software level and hardware level .

As is, RoboRoselyn is a little but powerful robot but much more power could be gotten when multiple numbers of her are deployed to embark on a mission where in this case there is a constant Robot to Robot(R2R) interaction and all the RoboRoselyn(s) are working together to achieve a common goal.  

Current Features of RoboRoselyn


With the swift moving 5 DOF arm ,the robot has the capability of gripping, picking, dropping and throwing when on a mission. It also has wheels for movement and maneuvering terrains.

Obstacle Avoidance

She is capable of noticing and avoiding obstacle when on motion.

Robot control  through IOT (Internet of things)

The robot has communication and IOT features that enables it to be controlled and give feedback from very long distances.

Work in Progress Features of RoboRoselyn

  • Enhancement of the Artificial Intelligence side.