We are preparing to lauch our DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY. Our Academy is a learning hub for various technological courses including but not limited to robotics, IoT, AI, software development, mobile app development and STEM related courses and skills. We offer all these with a very affordable tuition fee.

The DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY offers learning in both physical classes and E-learning programs(online classes).
Through this hub, we serve as an incubator for both robotics engineers and
software developers that will be shaping the world into a better future we all long for.

One unique advantage of our academy is that during the course of learning, we also equip our students with entrepreneural features and attributes needed to confidently move into the labour market and conquer. We also have numerous exciting take aways.

Who can enrol into the DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY?

Just about anyone can enrol into the DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY. Anyone ranging from young school leavers, undergraduates, graduates/post-graduates to just about anyone enthusiatic and ready to learn about modern state of the art technologies.

What are the available courses/skills we offer in DAEROBOTICS ACADEMY?

– Robotics
– Software development
– Embedded system

– Mobile app development

– Artificial Intelligence
– Website creation
– Internet of Things

What is the duration of our courses?

The minimum duration of our courses is 6 months
which is roughly two semesters. You can also
choose to extend your duration of learning to 1year(four semesters)

Do we offer Certificates?

Yes, we offer certificates on completion of the minimum required semester duration.

What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is N100,000 per 6 months(two semesters) but We’re also giving a 25% discount to the first 25 students to enrol and claim a sit in our academy.

Click on the button to know if there’s still space available for you to join in the first 25 students.