At the DAEROBOTICS FOUNDATION, it is all about helping others rise and giving back to the society and this can be seen through our support for Small and Medium sized business/enterprise (SME’s) and our contribution toward Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education especially for our younger generation. Thanks in part to our sponsors, contributors and patrons who play a pivotal role in our mission.

Our support for Small Businesses (SME's)

   DAEROBOTICS FOUNDATION is dedicated to supporting and empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Our mission underlined in the support for SMEs is to foster growth, innovation, and sustainability within the SME sector by providing charitable contributions and support services. We understand the vital role that SMEs play in driving economic development and creating job opportunities. That’s why we are committed to making a positive impact on this essential segment of the business community.

One of the major ways we achieve our commitment is through our CSVSB (Community Small and Very Small Business) empowerment initiative. Under this CSVSB initiative we help small and very small business owners within communities grow their businesses by giving them monetary grants/funds in form of micro grants. Besides helping in form of grants, we organize seminars on entrepreneurship where we educate and enlighten small business owners on how to scale their businesses. Other benefits and incentives of the CSVSB initiative are:

  • Registration of businesses under CAC for beneficiaries
  • Creation of websites for beneficiaries

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The CSVSB initiative which is only meant for small businesses within communities, aims at contributing to the success and resilience of small business owners and ultimately strengthening local economies and communities. The following below outlines steps to access the grants and incentives:

1. Attend the CSVSB seminar within your community to collect your unique CSVSB ID number

2. Upload your Name and Business Information to the database on the CSVSB online portal. An information storage and scrutiny processing fee will be charged upon uploading.

3. An Interview will be scheduled with you, where you are to explain in details how the grant is going to help boost your business.

4. After the interview wait patiently for your name to be shortlisted among those to benefit from the CSVSB initiative when the grants and incentives are disbursed.

Click Here to Apply for the CSVSB Grants

Categories of businesses

Business owners whose businesses fall under these categories are eligible to apply for the CSVSB grants:

  •  Provision Store retailing
  • Cleaning Services
  • Software development
  • Tomatoes and other groceries retailing
  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Phone repair
  • Sales of Phones and other accessories
  • Sales of Electronics
  • Shoe making and repairs
  • Hairdressing Salon
  • Ice Cream production and sales
  • Fruit juice production and Sales
  • Fashion designing and Styling
  • Pedicure and Manicure
  • Cyber Cafe and Computer services
  • Mobile Food retail
  • Cake baking and Catering services
  • Bead and jewelry making and sales
  • Car washing services
  • Electronics repair
  • Small poultry and animal farming
  • Data/Recharge card production and sales
  • Blogging
  • Carpentry and wood work services
  • Mini online Store and delivery services – Petty trading
  • Transport services
  • Make-Up and beautification services
  • Soap/disinfectant production and sales
  • Gas retailing
  • Other small businesses …

Our contribution towards STEM Education

    When it comes to contribution to the growth of STEM education, at DAEROBOTICS, we have organized several training on a secondary school level and in some universities. And all these are free training on robotics, and other modern and cutting edge technologies. We have inspired more than a thousand students through exposing them to the concept of these technologies both practically and theoretically.

Take a look at our sponsors and contributors who support to make these possible ->

     As a means to reaching our goal of spreading the knowledge of state of the art technologies to a vast majority of young Nigerian students who may not be able to afford the high cost of acquiring it, we at DAEROBOTICS have taken it seriously upon ourselves to organize our training team of sophisticated engineers and experts that have been going around schools within Nigeria conducting seminars and training that expose and teach these cutting edge technologies to the students most especially on a senior secondary level.
    Courses and the concept of some these cutting edge technologies are elaborated to students such as IOT, Artificial Intelligence, mechatronics, robotics … , and some exhibitions are made to teach them how to build these technologies.
    DAEROBOTICS Subgroups are STEM educational based training domain for robotics and modern technologies. We teach modern technologies to help young students achieve their dreams in various technologies.