There is a great need for your contributions towards our project on RoboRoselyn as it will go a long way in helping us solve some of the challenges we are faced with in the key areas outlined below.

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  • Changing the Motor and Conventional Wheel tyre to Continuous Tracked Wheel

Firstly, the Motor we have on RoboRoselyn currently does not have the capacity to really move the robot adequately because of the weight of the robot. So the robot moves slowly and the agility is not visible during motion. We only used the motors because they are very cheap and affordable.

"Motor doesn't withstand the weight of the robot"

Secondly,with the current Conventional Wheel tyre of RoboRoselyn a great deal of limitation is posed on the dexterity of the robot. By changing to a Continuous Tracked Wheel RoboRoselyn is capable of maneuvering through virtually all kind of terrains and surfaces during its mission. We couldn’t provide for the continuous tracked wheels that matches the need of RoboRoselyn because it is expensive.

"Wheel doesn't withstand the barriers posed by certain of terrains"

Continuous Tracked Wheel

Continuous Tracked Wheel also called tank threads or caterpillar track is a kind of system of vehicle propulsion in which a continuous band of thread is driven by two or more wheel. It has a great advantage over wheeled vehicle. The principal design advantages of tracked wheel  over wheeled vehicles are that hey are in contact with a larger surface area than would generally be the case of conventional wheeled vehicle as a result they exert  a small amount of force per unit area(Pressure) on the ground being traversed. So this raises them as top notch for use when traversing rough terrain, muddy terrain, soft terrain, uneven ground like ice and snow. The large surface area of the tracks distributes the weight of the vehicle better than conventional  rubber tyre.

"Continuous tracked wheel"

Research and Development

The project on RoboRoselyn  requires a lot of research and development. The cost of research and development is on the high side and we are running out of funds